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Sunday Services

Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.   Children begin in the sanctuary for the opening of the service, then move to the Religious Education class after the Story for All Ages.  We are located at 1951 E. Park Ave. in Valdosta, next to J.L. Newbern Middle School.

Sunday, January 5 – Faith Rocket theme:  “Thresholds”

            As we cross in to the New Year, new decade, join us for a message from the theme of “Thresholds.”

NOTE:  Please bring your Guest at Your Table contributions (convert to a check payable to UUSC!) today!   We will collect these today and send them to the UUSC, along with our Share-the-Plate contributions from November and December.   A contribution in any amount makes you a member of UUSC.  Please turn in a completed envelop, with your contact information, if you wish to be a member. 

Sunday, January 12 – Rev. George Bennett, “God’s Plan For A New World”

I take my lead from Jesus who either ignores, opposes, or even subverts the culture that holds power over people of color. I see family, possessions, status, and sacrificial religions as blocks to God’s new world.

Sunday, January 19 –  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1966 Ware Lecture:  “Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution”

In 1966, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered the Ware Lecture at the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.   Each year, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) President, in consultation with the General Assembly Planning Committee, invites a distinguished guest to address the General Assembly as the Ware Lecturer.  The Ware lecture was established in the 1920s to honor three generations of the Ware family, who served as ministers.

Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will go to The Haven.  The Haven provides training and education, services and safe space to victims of domestic violence in the Valdosta area.    

Sunday, January 26 –  Rev. Anna Hall, “A Writer’s Spirituality: Lessons from the writing life.”