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Sunday Services

Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

We are located at 1951 E. Park Ave., next to J.L. Newbern Middle School.   Children begin the service in the sanctuary and then will move to the Religious Education class after the “Story for All Ages.”

Sunday, January 6 – “Humility”

We will explore the theme of “humility“ with materials from Faith Rocket and a message from Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd, entitled “You Might Be Wrong.”

NOTE:  Please bring your Guest at Your Table contributions (convert to a check payable to UUSC!).   We will collect these today and send them to the UUSC.   

Sunday, January 13 –  Rev. George Bennett, “Affirmed by Love” 

George Bennett will reflect on Richard Rohr’s “Priority of Love,” quoted here:  “Of the many radical things said and done by Jesus, his unflinching emphasis on love was the most radical of all. Love was the greatest commandment . . . his prime directive—love for God, for self, for neighbor, for stranger, for alien, for outsider, for outcast, and even for enemy, as he himself modeled. The new commandment of love [John 13:34] meant that neither beliefs nor words, neither taboos, systems, structures nor the labels that enshrined them mattered most. Love takes priority over everything else; love relativized everything else; love took priority over everything else—everything.”

Sunday, January 20 – Rev. Dr. Anna Hall, “Bitter but Beautiful: Lesser Known Lessons from Dr. King”

Anna Hall will present on those parts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy that are often overlooked, and explore how his image and message are often sanitized in nostalgic looks back at his life and ministry.

Share the Plate Sunday:  Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will go to The Haven.  The Haven provides training and education, services and safe space to victims of domestic violence in the Valdosta area. 

 Sunday, January 27 – “Ancestors”

            Today, we’ll reflect upon our ancestors in UUism as well as some personal ancestry.   How have your ancestors shaped who you are today?   What do our UU ancestors offer to us in this age of intersectionality?   Faith Rocket and others help us to explore this theme.