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Sunday Services

Sunday, September 1 – Faith Rocket theme:  “Work and Play”

On this Labor Day weekend, we will share a message written by Rev. Barbara Child entitled “Working, Not Working, and Not Working Any More.”  Rev. Child served as consulting minister to UU Valdosta in 2004-2005.

Sunday, September 8 – Ingathering and Water Communion

The Water Communion is observed by many UU churches in September as an ingathering service after the summer.   Each person in attendance will have an opportunity to add water to the communal bowl and share a brief message about the personal significance of the water shared.

Sunday, September 15  – Pride Service:  “The Power of Music”

            This year, we will kick off Pride Week, by having our Pride Service the Sunday before the Pride Festival!   Carol Stiles will share a message about the power of music in building community, and providing support to people struggling for human rights for LGBTQ individuals.

After the service, at 1:00 we will gather for a shared potluck!   Please invite your friends and family!  All are welcome, and we will be sending invitations to other churches and to the community to join us for the potluck.

Share the Plate Sunday Offering: Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will go to the Valdosta Area Rotary Club Imagination Library Project. The project provides Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library books each month to children under the age of five in Lowndes County. Starting with “The Little Engine That Could,” an age-appropriate book is mailed directly to each registered child each month, until the child’s fifth birthday. There is no cost to the child’s family.   Children who learn to read early in life become avid learners in school, skillful workers on the job, and informed citizens in life.   The program is administered in Lowndes County by the Valdosta Rotary Foundation.

 Sunday, September 22 – “Faith:  The Practice of Hopeful Expectation”

            New from Soul Matters, resources that focus on Sacred Words associated with the monthly themes.   This month, we will consider the question, “What does faith have to say about being a people of expectation?”

Sunday, September 29 – Rev. Anna Hall, “Don’t Fence Me In”

            Anna Hall will consider America’s relationship to land and its inhabitants.