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Sunday Services

Sunday, May 5 – What does it mean to be a people of CURIOSITY?”

Today we will explore the theme of CURIOSITY, with materials from Soul Matters.

Sunday, May 12 – Rev. Dr. Anna Hall, “Sustainable Communities: Thinking locally and theologically about creation and community.”

Rev. Anna Hall will continue her theme of building resilient communities.

Sunday, May 19 – Flower Communion”

Bring a flower from your yard and join us for the annual Flower Communion!   We will have extra flowers, in case you do not have flowers available….  The Flower Communion service was created by Norbert Capek (1870-1942), who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. He introduced this special service to that church on June 4, 1923.  He developed the Flower Communion as a way to bring people together, in a way different from the traditional Christian communion service of bread and wine.  The Flower Communion was introduced in the U.S. by Dr. Capek’s wife, Maja V. Capek, in 1940.  Join us for this annual service, celebrated by UU churches around the country!

Share the Plate Sunday:  Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will be donated to the South Georgia Migrant Farmworkers’ Clinic. The clinic provides health care to the farmworkers in the area who are harvesting crops and working the fields.   We will also collect food and clothing to be distributed at the clinic. These items may be brought to the church any time (please let Kimberly or Carol know….).   Some suggestions include food staples such as rice, black beans and Maseca corn flour, household items, even small appliances (coffeemakers, etc.).  Clothing items include men’s and women’s work pants, shirts, and small to medium size gloves, hats and sunglasses.  

Sunday, May 26 – Shared Service with Serenity Christian Church

It’s time for our annual Shared Service with Serenity Christian Church, which is located at 1619 N. Lee Street.   Here’s the schedule: 

9:00 – AM – Service at Serenity Christian Church, Speaker:  Rev. George Bennett

10:30 AM – Members of the Serenity congregation will follow us back to our church to attend our service.

11:00AM – Service at UU Church

Speaker: Pastor Gerald Williams

(Note:  Our service and RE will begin at 11:00 AM rather than 10:45 this day.)  The Children’s RE kids have a special project planned that they will do along with Serenity children.

12:15 PM – Fellowship Potluck Luncheon with Serenity at the UU Church.   Please plan to bring a dish to share!   Dee Tait will coordinate the potluck.