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Sunday Services

Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

We are located at 1951 E. Park Ave., next to J.L. Newbern Middle School.   Children begin the service in the sanctuary and then will move to the Religious Education class after the “Story for All Ages.”

Sunday, March 3 – Rev. George Bennett, “The Forgotten Treasure”

Unitarian Universalism is the kind of wholeness that is  the forgotten treasure of the Christian Tradition that our postmodern world no longer enjoys and even vigorously denies. Richard Rohr said that “I always wonder why, after the rise of rationalism in the Enlightenment, Westerners would prefer such incoherence. I thought we had agreed that coherence, pattern, and some final meaning were good.” Christian thinkers in the last century have denied the existence and power of such great wholeness found in Unitarian Universalism.  Christianity made the mistake of limiting the Creator’s presence to just one human manifestation, Jesus. We are the forgotten treasure.

Sunday, March 10 – Dr. Cristóbal Serrán-Pagán y Fuentes, “The Mystical Paths of Action, Wisdom and Love in St. John of the Cross.”

In this talk Cristobal will reflect on the contemplative vision of the Spanish Carmelite mystic and on his prophetic voice. Cristobal has followed the footsteps of San Juan de la Cruz and Santa Teresa of Avila for more than two decades. The recent book on St. John of the Cross published by Pacem m in Terris Press has as its subtitle: “His Prophetic Mysticism in the Historical Context of Sixteenth Century Spain.” His goal is to demonstrate how the historical context, culture and landscape have shaped the loving wisdom of this great Christian mystic, poet, and Doctor of the Catholic Church.

Sunday, March 17 – What Does It Mean to be a People of Journey?”

This is a UU message from Soul Matters and Rev. Josh Pawelek, who asks:  “when you contemplate your own spiritual journey, are you setting out or coming home?”

Share the Plate Sunday:  Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will go to Lowndes Associated Ministries to the People (LAMP).  LAMP has received a homelessness prevention grant.   LAMP uses these grant funds and matching funds to help provide short-term financial help to those in need, for example, to pay a utility bill or help with rental assistance.   The UU board is also supporting this effort with a quarterly donation.

                Individuals in need can contact the Prevention Case Manager: Kendall Yearby at 229-245-7157 ext. 344 or    

Sunday, March 24 – “Truth Like a River

Unitarian Universalism offers a “truth that emerges not from a single creed but rather from the agreements we make with one another.”  Today will offer some reflections on this topic from Rev. Tim Temerson.

Sunday, March 31 – Rev. Dr. Anna Hall, “The Power of Belonging”

Part of what makes us human is our need to belong. The ways we express this need can be helpful or harmful. Hear from Anna Hall on the latest thinking from theologians and social scientists about how belonging can help us create a better world.