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Sunday Services

Sunday Services begin at 10:45 a.m.  Children begin in the sanctuary with the congregation, then will go to Religious Education (RE) or nursery after the Story for All Ages.   We are located at 1951 East Park Ave., next to J.L. Newbern Middle School.

Sunday, November 3 –  “Courage And Sacrifice: The Story Of Waitstill and Martha Sharp”

Join us to hear the story of Unitarian minister and his wife, Waitstill and Martha Sharp, who, in 1939, were sent on a secret mission to Europe by the American Unitarian Association. The mission was to help save refugees from the Sudetenland, a region of Czechoslovakia that had recently been annexed by Hitler’s Germany.  From a message written by Polly Peterson, Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst (2016)

Sunday, November 10 – Rev. George Bennett, “Made In The Image of God”

Sunday, November 17  – UUSC Guest at Your Table –  2019-2020 Theme: Women Leaders, Strong Communities

UUSC’s work has been shaped and sustained by women’s leadership. Today, UUSC is proud to partner with women leaders who are increasing representation for women in their communities, while strengthening access to justice for all. During this year’s Guest at Your Table program, please join us to learn more about women leaders from UUSC partner organizations taking on some of today’s greatest human rights challenges. Each person / family will receive a GAYT

            Share the Plate Sunday:  Donations to the plate this Sunday and the 3rd Sunday in December, not otherwise designated as pledges, will go to Guest at Your Table program, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. 

Sunday, November 24 –  Rev. Anna Hall, “Caring in Communities”

As many congregations are aging and smaller congregations are moving towards being lay-led or only having part-time paid leadership, the care needs in congregations can seem overwhelming. This can also be true in intentional communities and other organizations. Hear what innovative congregations, activist organizations, and intentional communities can teach us about caring for one another in healthy and sustainable ways.

Sunday, November 24, 3:00 p.m.   Greater Community Thanksgiving Service

A multi-faith service hosted by the Valdosta Area Ministerial Association (VAMA)