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Sunday Services

Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

We are located at 1951 E. Park Ave., next to J.L. Newbern Middle School.   Children begin the service in the sanctuary and then will move to the Religious Education class after the “Story for All Ages.”

 Sunday, April 1 – Rev. Fred Howard, “The False Dichotomy of Easter”

One of the most powerful and confounding artistic works about spring’s moving feast is John Updike’s short poem “Seven Stanzas at Easter.”  This morning I want to take a serious look at the Christian meaning of Easter as seen through the lens of John Updike’s memorable life and works and also ruminate a bit on a deeper meaning lying in the empty tomb for us liberal religionists.

Sunday, April 8 – Rev. George Bennett, “Growing in Love’s Likeness”       

God gives us our core identity as sons and daughters”from the beginning.” (Ephesians 1:4-5) Throughout our lives we co-create our unique likeness as we grow and mature.  My Christian teacher, Fr Richard Rohr calls this classic pattern of spiritual transformation: “Order-Disorder-Reorder.” Paul says this is  the foolishness of the Cross.

Now that I am near the end of my seventh decade I am moving from either/or thinking to both/and thinking. I increasingly live with paradox and mystery and no longer think in terms of win/lose, but win/win.

I believe that we are called to act out our God given nature fully, at whatever cost. Martin Luther King’s  execution fifty year ago shows he cost.  This is the deepest meaning of life. We are here to give back freely what was first given to us.

Sunday, April 15 Rev. Fred Howard, “Does Unitarian Universalism Have a Theology?”

A perplexing question actually.  Do we have a theology?  A great criticism of our faith movement is how difficult it is to nail down our beliefs.  I submit that we do have a theology – a profound and noble one in which we can all take pride.  This morning I’ll elaborate.

Share the Plate Sunday:  Donations to the plate this Sunday, not otherwise designated as pledges, will be donated to Break Bread.   The Break Bread program has been in existence since 1973 and is organized by the First Presbyterian Church.   Our participation in delivering the meals once (or twice) a month to low-income, home-bound seniors is coordinated by David Rodgers, and the program is supported through donations.   

 Sunday, April 22 – Dr. Lars Leader, “Malaysia’s Open House Tradition and How It Might Relate to UUs”

During years living in and visiting Malaysia, I’ve experienced many aspects of this country’s culture. One of the most lasting memories is the variety of ways that holidays are celebrated in this multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society. With all the differences seen at these events, one thing common to them all is the “open-house” tradition. Open house is a way for the various peoples in Malaysia to come to better understand their fellow citizens. During a holiday, the people who celebrate it invite friends, neighbors, and just about anyone from other ethnicities and religions to their homes and organizations to enjoy the time with them. Reflecting on the meaning of this tradition, we will consider what it might have to tell us in the US and in our own community. What UU values might relate to this tradition? How do we/could we better understand those in our own society and community who are different from us?

Sunday, April 29 – TBA

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