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UU Church of Valdosta, Service on July 6, 2014 “Religious Self-Determination: Exploring Individual Spiritual Paths and Creating Community”

PDF – full text of the message

Many people come to the UU church out of other religious communities. For many of us, one thing missing from other churches is the encouragement to explore and determine our individual spiritual path as well as participate in the path the church community takes. Religious freedom and self-determination are vital components of a healthy mature worship community. Our fifth UU principle embodies our goal of the use of the democratic process in congregations – that is, UU congregations are self-governing, as exemplified by our annual congregational meeting, which includes election of officers, approval of the budget, and so on.   It goes much deeper than that, though: here at UU Valdosta, lay-leaders are involved in all services in which our minister fills the pulpit, and more than half of our services each year involve an invited lay-speaker, from the membership or community.   In addition, our fourth principle, is “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning” which UU’s tend to embrace enthusiastically, with each of us on our own spiritual path.   Today’s service will be an opportunity to reflect on our individual spiritual paths and how those intersect with the mission of UU Valdosta.