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Please send an e-mail to, if you have questions!

We’re also on Facebook:   UU Valdosta

President – Tom Phillips

Vice President/Programs Chair – Carol Stiles,

Secretary – Tom Aiello

Treasurer – Rosie Asbury

Building and Grounds Director – Jim Ingram

Membership Director – Kimberly Tanner

Religious Education Director – Sue Bailey

Communications team:

Worship Team Chair:  Carol Stiles

Newsletter and Website Editor – Carol Stiles,

E-mail lists:  Carol Stiles or Kimberly Tanner

Facebook:   Kimberly Tanner

Local Publicity:   Dee Tait

Website designed by Christine Clay

Ministry at UU:  Rev. Fred Howard served as our minister for 11 years, from 2007 – 2018.   Here are links to his sermons and blog and his biography.  Thank you, Rev. Fred!